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Fall Schedule Starts Monday August 21, 2023


4:00-6:00      Gymstars Gymnastics Team*

5:30-:900      Shocks Teams*


4:00-5:00    3-4yr old Gymnastics

5:00-6:00    5-7yr old Gymnastics

6:15-7:15    8&up Gymnastics/Tumble class

7:00-8:45    Gymstars Gymnastics Team* 

Tuesday Dance Classes (starting Oct 3rd):

                  Preschool Hip Hop ( ages 3-4yrs) 5:15-6:00

                  Jr Teeny Bop (ages 5-7yrs): 6:45-7:30

                  Jr Hip Hop (ages 8 & up): 7:30-8:15


4:00-6:30    Gymstars Gymnastics Team* 

5:15-8:30    Shocks Teams*


4:00-6:30      Gymstar Gymnastics Team*

5:30-9:00      Shocks Program*

6:30-7:30      6 years & older Tumbling


10:00-10:45  Mom&Me Gymnastics

10:30-11:30  3-4 yr old Gymnastics

11:30-12:30  5-7 yr old Gymnastics

12:30-1:30    8 & up Gymnastics/Tumble

*classes with (*) are not open for registration; athletes must be on those specific teams. 

Online Class

Use the form below to register for recreational gymnastics, dance and tumble classes at TGS! You can also call us at 330-823-5131 or email at"> to get registered! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for most recent updates!

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