TGS Policy and Procedures to Prevent the Spread of COVID19

Please click the pdf file to view all policies and best practices being implemented to prevent the spread of COVID19

COVID19 Dance Class Schedule

Class Fees on weekly basis: 1 Class $10 2 Classes $18 3 Classes $24

Unlimted Classes for the week = $30

Classes begin May 26th and are anticipated to run for 3 weeks;

after that changes may occur to the schedule.

Tuesday Dance Classes

5:00-5:45pm Beginner Hip Hop    ages 7-10yrs

6:00-6:45pm Young Beginner Hip Hop   ages 6-9yrs

700-7:45pm  Intermediate Hip Hop w/ Adrienne ages 10yrs & up

8:00-8:45pm Intermediate Hip Hop w/ Coach Pony ages 10-15yrs

Wednesday Dance Classes

5:00-5:45pm Young Beginner Hip Hop ages 6-9yrs

6:00-6:45pm Intermediate Hip Hop ages 10-15yrs

7:00-7:45pm Jazz Class with Coach Pony ages 8yrs and up

8:00-8:45pm Advanced Hip Hop ages 13yrs and up