FALL SCHEDULE 2020 -2021

 Fall Schedule will begin on August 24th, 2020!

*Recreational Dance Classes will begin Oct 5th; registration will open in September for Dance.


4:00-6:00pm Gymstars Gymnastics Team* 

6:00-9:00pm Shocks Teams*


4:00-5:00pm 3&4yr old Gymnastics

4:45-5:45pm 5&7yr old Gymnastics

5:45-6:45pm 8&up Gymnastics

6:46-7:45pm 6-10yr old Tumble Class

7:45-8:45pm 11yr& up Tumble Class


4:00-6:00pm Gymstars Gymnastics Team*

6:00-8:30pm Shocks Teams*


4:00-7:30pm Gymstars Gymnastics Team*

7:30-8:30pm Intermediate/Advanced Tumble Class

8:30-9:00pm Shocks Teams*


10:00-10:45am Mom&Me Gymnastics

10:30-11:30am 3&4 yr old Gymnastics

11:30-12:30pm 5-7 yr old Gymnastics

12:30-1:30pm 8yrs& up Gymnastics/Tumble

*classes with (*) are not open for registration; athletes must be on those specific teams. 

Recreational Dance Classes will begin Oct 5th! Registration will open in September.

Here are the following Dance Classes that will be offered:

Mondays 7:00-7:45pm Senior Recreational Hip Hop (13yrs+)

Tuesdays 5:15-6:00pm Preschool Dance (3-5yr olds)

Tuesdays 6:15-7:00pm Jr Teeny Bop Dance (6-9yr olds)

Tuesdays 7:15-8:00pm Jr Hip Hop Dance (10-15yr olds)

Recreation Gymnastics


Class descriptions

Mom&Me Class:

This class is for boys and girls and requires the parent to follow your child. Depending on individual. Basic gymnastics movements, music and obstacle courses create a fun and safe environment while developing grip, strength, and balance for your child.

Recreational Gymnastics Classes:

This class is for boys and girls and is designed to further enhance your child’s developing strength and coordination by introducing your child to basic tumbling skills and gymnastics positions. 


Tumble Classes:

Recommended for students wanting to learn to "flip!” Backhandsprings, Tucks, Jumps, Cartwheels or Roundoff. The focus of these classes is on running and standing tumbling. These classes are popular with students who are or who wish to be cheerleaders. New Pro Air Tramp is Here!



Front and Back Walkovers, Splits, Areils, Scales, Cartwheels, Front and Back Limbers, Backbend



Round Off, Back Handspring, Multi Back Handspring, Back Tucks Layout, Layout 1/2, Layout Full

Jumps: Straddle, Pike, & Herkie







4 weeks in a Month

1 hour = $36.00 = $9.00 a class

2 hours = $66.80= $8.35 a class

3 hours = $94.80= $7.80 a class

4 hours = $120.80= $7.55 a class

Per Day per Hour = $10.00


FreesSpring Floor / High Ceilings

Tumble Tracks Pro - Air trak

Certified Coaches in Gym

Get Discounts for More Than 1 Class a Week!

Pay Per Day or Monthly

Additional Payment Information: Credit Card, Cash, and Check payment accepted. Gift Cards Available. Pay Per Day or 4 week session.